History of Next Office


Next office is a BPO service company founded by Greg Youngberry and Joshua Hay. They are currently the managing directors of the company which has been in existence since 2009. The company is actually the brain child of Greg who has 14 years of experience in the IT industry, owning and operating a computer sales and service store. Greg’s experience in the IT industry made him very aware of multi-national competitors who had access to offshore employees. In India, for example, the average wage is approximately $2,000 Australian per year ($1 per hour). Greg found that as a local business owner it was very difficult to compete with these larger entities when his average cost was approximately $19/hour. After selling his business Greg decided to pursue an endeavour that would close the accessibility gap that had previously prevented small and medium Australian businesses from effectively utilizing offshore workforce solutions. Greg is also proud to provide excellent professional opportunities and remuneration to our hardworking Filipino employees.




Our aim is to assist small and medium enterprises to compete with larger organizations by reducing the cost of their wages, whilst at the same time delivering fair and well above award wages to our Filipino workers.




To be recognized not only as a service oriented business but also an avenue for people to find opportunities with their with their own capabilities.