Our business is our people. We invest on our people and we make sure to source out the highest possible quality of applicants that will help us in meeting the needs of our clients. It is also our pride and joy to have created an avenue for our employees where they could stand out and build a career.

Why work for us:

  • We provide above standard compensation package.
  • We encourage and allow promotion and career development.
  • There is a possibility of being relocated to Australia.
  • Provide a professional, safe and pleasant working environment, complete with medical bay and air-conditioning.
  • You are entitled to 2 weeks paid holidays a year, 6 public holidays and 6 days sick leave.
  • You have the opportunity to gain experience in the Australian business environment, as a part of a team.
  • You are encouraged to discuss with your employer the possibility of paid business trips to Australia to facilitate learning and development.
  • The skills you acquire working for Australian companies make you a competitive employee in the global labor market.
  • The opportunity to self manage work tasks delegated by the client.
  • You are working for a specific Australian business in most cases, employed for specific duties.