At Next Office, we make your small business more efficient by providing wide range of services in Technical Support, Financial and Accounting, Human Resource Management, Back Office Support, Customer relationship management, Web services and more. We provide these services according to your needs, whether for full time or for part time. With that flexibility on our part, we allow our clients to be more cost efficient - making them pay only enough of what they need.



FULL TIME The deal between Next Office and our client on a regular basis is between $300-$600 per week excluding GST, depending on the level of employee required, paid monthly in advance, for a 40-hour work week (full-time work).

PART TIME However depending on specific client requirements, Next Office is flexible enough to adjust the pricing according to your needs. For instance if you require staff that would only work less than 40 hours per week, we can create a part-time employment.

POOLED RESOURCING We also understand that you may only need employees for couple of hours a day. To suit your requirements we can create pool resource teams that are charged to you by the minute or per call rate. We also accommodate 24-hours work per day, hence this may incur some extra charges.

WEB SOLUTIONS For web solutions, pricing would be on a per project rate. For basic website designing service, we charge a minimum $650 AUD; but this may vary depending on the extent of work or content to be inputted.

If you have further inquiries on pricing you may contact us.