Next Office is committed to putting first our employees and their families. Filipinos are a very family oriented people, hence, we want to make sure that we live up to our mission and that we can make a difference in the lives of the families that we are taking part of.


Why Philippines and why Filipino staff? Filipino culture has a very strong western influence, due to the location of two significant US army bases for many years after the end of the Second World War. Currently, Philippines is considered as one of the top English speaking nations in the world. Schooling is basically instructed in English from kindergarten to tertiary levels. Therefore, mastery of English language is very high. There are also more than 385,000 university graduates every year, providing biggest potential of skilled workforce in the country. The sad thing for the country is that, there is only 65% employment rate for these university graduates. However, with the sheer size of the labor market, Next Office is then able to source out the highest possible quality of applicants for your company. Successful applicants are also rewarded with a wage that far exceeds the minimum awards dictated by the 30 year old labor code; because apart from providing high quality service to Australian companies, we also want to be a catalyst for change that supports advancement in career and standard of living of most Filipinos.  


We encourage your company to:


  • Fully involve and induct your Next Office staff member as you would any employee starting with you in Australia
  • Provide corporate branded shirts for your employee to work in
  • Include your employee in any annual or monthly bonus scheme (may be given to them over the year – depending on amount)
  • Make an effort to get to know your employee and help them feel part of the team and your business
  • If you want to include provisions to move the employee to Australia after 3 or more years of service to your company through Next Office we will accommodate that under the 857 visa (at your cost)
  • Provide these paid days off:

6 days paid holidays (at your approval),
6 days sick leave,
13 public holidays.